foto: Agnes Booijink
Henk Lassche is known as an artist who has the ability to capture the essence of the  Dutch landscape through his powerful abstracted oil paintings. His works, built layer upon layer, express still tidal landscapes as well as the interaction of water and land that is so characteristic of The Netherlands. Influenced by his travels abroad, Henk Lassche’s compositions have been through a process of change; the colours used in his work have become lighter and capture a quality of stillness and harmony.

The focus of his work has shifted from representing the physical, to expressing intensely the quality of light or feelings evoked by certain landscapes or geographical areas.

In his longing to convey the more dynamic Scandinavian light in his painted surfaces, Henk Lassche chose to travel and work extensively in Norway. These periods of times spent in solitude enabled Henk to contemplate the unique qualities of light and to encapsulate these in a new series of works.Henk has also worked in Turkey. The paintings created here were inspired by the ruins of ancient history, the warm Mediterranean light and the silent passing of time.

1948              Born in Zwartsluis
1953              Moves to Meppel where he spends his youth
1970              Settles in Hengelo, Overijssel
1980-1981     Art academy, Kampen
1982-1984     Art academy AKI, Enschede
2002-2007    Lives and works for a longer period in Norway
2008-2010    Lives and works for a short period in Turkey

Lives and works in Hengelo The Netherlands

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